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Guide to select language i databases
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English Help and Information

This site is for the most part in Danish language, for the most visitors it is OK to read it, in the  Danish language, so I will not do this work at too times, but my databases online is in Multilanguage.

If you have some questions about my database, family, stock, relationship or connections, I always give you an satisfactory answer, at the best I can.

There is 3 database at this site, it is in multi language. 

Select your preferred language by following the little guide here below:

English guide to databases

1.) Go to the top ICONs and Select the DATABASE icon
2.) In the left site you have tree databases to select, take  your choice !.
3.) Now you have a icon in the middle, start the database
4.) At the top you have a red flag, click here and select your preferred language.

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 Give me your comment, information, questions about my databases, family, stock, relationship or connections, or something else.

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